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Our workouts

Our workouts are designed to have maximum impact for your time and investment. Our approach is short fuse, big bang. We call them workouts because they’re a little more intense than your average workshop and help you get future-fit, fast.

We occasionally offer these workouts, remotely, as open online programs for marketing leaders from different organisations.

But we usually deliver a workout to a team or teams from one organisation.

We offer the following three workouts

Agile Marketing

Now more than ever, marketing teams need to become Agile.

Our training can help you get out of the starting blocks with Agile Marketing by learning the principles, values and practices that will accelerate your team’s performance.

Reset the way your team works and increase their speed, predictability, transparency and adaptability to change.

Human-centred managers

In stressful and uncertain times, your company needs calm and empathetic leaders to keep your staff engaged and empowered.

Learn how to become a better manager by understanding more about yourself, your team and your environment.

Participants are equipped with a toolkit to manage with confidence and build trust across the organisation.

marketing teams

Supercharge your team’s performance and unlock unseen levels of cohesion and alignment.

If your team’s already performing well this training will create even greater results.

If your team is working in silos and not harnessing their full power, this will galvanise a new way forward and create the breakthrough you need.

Deep experience in education

Our Founder has worked at, consulted to, or studied with the following institutions. So we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to corporate education.

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