Broken marketing processes equals broken promises

Broken processes = broken promises graphic


Done wrong, they create a pinball experience that yields disbelief, frustration and anger. 

Yes, I’ll hold… Sure, I’ll give you my name and DOB, again.

Done well, they’re the red carpet that gets customers exactly where they need to go, the first time. Ahhhh.

Internally, processes can create the same friction or magic for the team.

In fact the EX and CX are intertwined, especially in marketing.

As what we do often impacts on what the customer sees, feels or does.

Yet, how often do we optimise our internal processes like we do our customers’ experience?

How often do we critically analyse the way we do things? 

How long things take? 

How they could be improved?


For instance, how long does it take your team to get a campaign from brief to in market?

How long should it take? 

Where are the bottlenecks and rework?

Who approves it? How many times?

How many teams are involved?

Do the right teams touch it at the right time? 

Are the handoffs smooth?

Or does digital get given the campaign just as it’s about to go in market?

Without the right assets in the right format to put on social or the web.



What about your stakeholders?

Do they know how long things take?

Or are they often asking “Where is my job at?” “Why do things take so long?” 

You see, without clear, streamlined processes. 

You’ll likely have confusing, clunky processes.

And the more unclear the process, the more workarounds, and room for whoever shouts the loudest wins to pervade.

But the worst part is, that you break your promises.

Promises to your staff that you’re providing them with the best employee experience.

Promises to your customers that you’re providing the best customer experience.

And promises to your stakeholders that you know when they’ll have their campaign in market, their website built, or their nurture series developed.

Until you fix your processes you’ll continue to break your promises.

If this is a pain point you’re facing, then get in touch as we help sales and marketing teams to do their best work and get into Flow, improving their EX and CX. 

If you want to know the 3 simple steps to fix your processes watch this short video.