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Here’s what you get in our
Team Redesign Services:


A series of workshops and consultations with you the CMO, and/or your team and other stakeholders to work through the four-stages team remodelling process.

A detailed analysis: mapping out key functions, your costs for insourcing vs outsourcing, the mix of general vs specialist roles and much, much more.

A Discovery Report: assessing your current situation and featuring all the findings from stages one and two on the challenges and opportunities to consider to remodel your team structure.

Armed with contextual insights, we design a series of conceptual team structures with accompanying analysis for consultation.

A Recommendations Report: including the final organisational structure and showing all positions in the marketing organisation chart.

Position descriptions (PDs) for any new positions created and amendment recommendations to your existing PDs (as an optional extra).

Designing a modern marketing team structure

How you structure your marketing team has a profound impact on team performance.

The right structure is a catalyst for increased employee engagement collaboration and the commercial outcomes you need as CMO. The correct structure helps you bake in agility, responsiveness to change, and accountability at the right levels. And it empowers your people to do their best work.

On the flip side, if you have the wrong structure, you risk stifling innovation, creating silos, bureaucracy, and employee dissatisfaction. And this hampers your ability to drive results.

Our approach to marketing team remodeling

Growth Generators use a consultative, design-thinking approach for marketing team remodeling.

We work collaboratively with you through four stages to consider, converge, create then confirm your remodelled marketing team. The first two stages are there to ensure we deeply understand the problem. We can focus on the root causes and identify opportunities for improvement. During the last two phases, we centre in on developing the right solutions to achieve your new team vision.

Minimal disruption with maximum outcomes

Growth Generators has led multiple team reorganisations from both the inside as CMO and the outside as a consultant.

Our expertise in marketing, organizational development, and leadership means we always factor in the human side of change. This helps you minimise disruption and maximise the success of your marketing team transformation.

Need to keep the transformation under wraps?

We can work directly and exclusively with you as CMO, on a strictly confidential basis.

Want to get the team involved?

We can build multi-tier engagement strategies including:
  • Full-team workshops
  • Staff and stakeholder individual consultations
  • Project committee meetings/workshops
  • Survey feedback

Redesigned and built Australia's #1 marketing team

Team development is our thing. Our passion for empowering teams to perform at their natural best is what led Growth Generators’ Founder, Ty Hayes, to redesign and build his marketing team when he was CMO at Curtin University. Together they became the #1 Marketing Team in Australia (AMI Awards) in 2017.

The end result for you and your business is a new marketing team structure that’s modern and strategically designed to drive growth, hardwired to be high performing and support your organisational and marketing strategy.
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