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Here’s what you get with our Team Skills Matrix

Skills Matrix

Your very own customised Skills Matrix that identifies the top skills and capabilities in your team (existing and emerging).

The matrix will provide a baseline competency rating for each team or team member.

We then set a target competency level for the critical skills and capabilities your team needs to become future-fit, including hot spot strengths and development needs across the entire department, within teams, and for individuals.

We provide the tools and methods to develop a Team Capability Roadmap that prioritises the capabilities you need to build first with a mix of training, mentoring, coaching, peer learning and on-the-job learning.

We use the latest research on emerging marketing skills and capabilities you need for your marketing team to become future-fit.

The end result is a bespoke Skills Matrix and Team Capability Roadmap for your organisation’s marketing function. This details the current and future skills your team needs to become a high-performing, future-fit marketing team. And crucially your plan for how to get there.

Defining future-fit marketing skills and capabilities

The pace of change in marketing is relentless. The profession never stops advancing. 

Today, marketers are expected to be whole-brain alchemists who meld data, customer insights, brand, creativity, digital technology and cultural trends into powerful strategies that drive growth. 

It can feel uncomfortable as you try and stay abreast of all the new buzzwords and acronyms.

But when it comes to your team, one thing is certain. The faster they learn and the more ambidextrous and up-to-date they are, the more impact they’ll have. And the more impact you’ll have as CMO.

We’re here to help you identify the skills your team needs and build a road-map to help you create a future-fit team.

Identify Team Strengths and Gaps

Our Skills Matrix helps you identify the team strengths you can lean into and the capabilities you need to build.

Build a Roadmap For Success

You can’t become a future-fit team without a plan.

Build a Roadmap For Success

You can’t become a future-fit team without a plan.

Stay Current and Evolve Faster

As part of the 70/20/10 development framework, we’ll share cost-effective ways to keep your team ahead of the curve.

Remember as a CMO, your performance is often a reflection of the team’s capability

You can’t create tomorrow’s growth with yesterday’s skill sets. Legacy skills and team capability gaps are your Achilles heel. Identify the skills your team needs to do their best work, so you can do yours.

Example of a Team Skills Matrix

I’m ready to help my team
become future-fit

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