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23. How to generate growth by focusing on CX, loyalty and omnichannel marketing with Joel Goodsir

Inspirations Paint CMO shares how empathy with franchisees and customers has helped him play the long game.

Joel was ranked the #9 CMO in the CMO50 in 2020, and apart from his role at Inspirations Paint, Joel is also Chair of the University of Newcastle’s External Advisory Board for the Marketing.

In this episode, we discover:

  • Some of the intricacies, challenges and opportunities inherent when working in a marketing role in a franchise;
  • How Joel has changed their targeting strategy, built out their tech stack and have started delivering on an omni-channel CX strategy;
  • How Joel has built an E-commerce offering in the home improvement space which is currently unrivalled;
  • How Joel has structured his team; and 
  • How Joel has continued to lead the charge and drive growth from 90 million to almost $500 million during his tenure.

Inspirations Paint is Australia’s largest network of paint stores, a franchise with more than 130 stores across Australia.

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