Lean Mean Marketing Teams with Ty Hayes

Lean Mean Marketing
with Ty Hayes

Discover how to create a high-performance marketing team by joining Ty Hayes as he interviews leading CMOs, authors and experts at the top of their game.


Latest Episodes

Lean Mean Marketing Teams with Ty Hayes

November 22, 2023

60. Leading a Hypergrowth Marketing Team

Shay Howe, CMO at ActiveCampaign joins us on this episode.

October 26, 2023

59. Why you need a Marketing Operations team and how to build one

Mike Rizzo, Community-Led Founder of MarketingOps.com and MO Pros joins us on this episode today

September 12, 2023

58. Marketing Team Re-design and Agile Marketing Implementation

How Keypath Education transformed its marketing team to drive higher staff engagement, efficiency and effectiveness.

July 10, 2023

57. The First 90 Days with the CMO of Calendly

Jessica Gilmartin gives a masterclass on what to prioritise in the first 90 days in a CMO role.

June 13, 2023

56. Agile Marketing Success Factors

Frank Days, Chief Marketing Officer of Aerospike and Co-host of the Marketing Agility Podcast, joins us on this episode.

May 18, 2023

55. Scaling Agile Marketing using SAFe

With Melissa Reeve, Co-Founder of the Agile Marketing Alliance

April 17, 2023

54. How Agile Marketing Drives Customer Centricity

Ty Hayes from Growth Generators interviewed by Jim Ewel and Melissa Reeves from The Marketing Agility Podcast

March 13, 2023

53. How to build a strong marketing team culture and land your dream job with Erik de Roos

Erik de Roos, Executive Director, Marketing at South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC)  joins us on this episode.

About the show

In today’s fast paced world, your team is your ultimate competitive advantage. Join Ty to discover the dynamic team structures, agile practices, leadership and culture behind some of the world’s most successful brands and the teams driving their marketing. If you’re a marketer looking to enhance your leadership and boost your team’s capability, then this is your must-listen podcast.

Your Host – Ty Hayes

Ty is an award-winning former CMO turned business founder, who built and led the #1 marketing team in Australia (AMI Awards) and was ranked the #10 CMO in Australia (CMO50) whilst CMO for a global university. Ty now hosts this podcast and runs Growth Generators with the mission to help CMOs build modern marketing teams that drive growth.