Stage 3

Here are some benefits you can expect

from the optimise stage


Speed up your team’s agility and help them adopt a new mindset of fast execution.

Your team will be able to continuously prioritise their work more efficiently and respond to change faster.

Develop a test and learn, innovative team culture.

Steal a march on your competitors by increasing your team’s output and speed to market.

Improve teamwork, communication and collaboration.

Say goodbye to inefficiency and poor processes.

Make life better for your team and customers by improving processes and speeding up response times.

Increase your team members’ autonomy, empowerment and motivation and strengthen your team’s level of commitment and engagement.

Reduce the business risk of having processes undocumented.

Improve new staff onboarding by giving them clear processes to follow.

With all of the above, you’ll be on your way to creating a highly engaged, high-performing marketing team.

Your marketing team will redesign critical processes and reboot their ways of working to become a lean, mean, marketing team.

Create an agile and efficient
marketing team

Let’s face it 90% of marketing teams are overloaded. There’s always more demand than supply.

Your inbox creaks and the strain shows on your team’s faces as they wonder how they can possibly take on the latest ambitious project. What if they could double or triple their productivity and slash the time it takes to get campaigns into market?

What if there was a solution? What if your team could transform into a more efficient marketing team? Help is here. At Growth Generators, we can help you use Lean Marketing and Agile Marketing to supercharge both your team morale and output. Plus we help you build a high-performance marketing team culture that boosts staff engagement and retention.

Why choose Lean Marketing and Agile Marketing?
The reality is most marketing teams are struggling to keep up because the way they work is completely outdated. Many marketing teams are using legacy processes, designed when they released one or two major campaigns a year, and took two years to launch a new website. But those days are long gone. Today, always-on agility is the mandatory baseline for all marketing teams.

Marketing teams require a new operating system
This means the operating systems of most marketing teams need to be completely overhauled and upgraded, if you, as CMO, want to unlock your team’s true potential.

If you don’t adequately address the fundamental issue of how your team works, including their processes and project management methods, you risk doing yourself, your team and your stakeholders a massive disservice.

In Stage 3 of our ARO model, we help you implement Agile Marketing and Lean Marketing to build a high-performance team culture.

I’m ready to triple my team's productivity and transform how they work together
I’m ready to streamline my team's processes and optimise their EX
I’m ready to build a high-performance marketing team culture and boost staff engagement by 20%