Stage 4

Build human-centered leaders and a high-performance culture

True transformational change
requires 3 components:


Leadership to define the vision for the change.


Empathy to guide the team through the change.


Empathy to guide the team through the change


The right leaders in place to embed
the change.

We have a range of workouts designed to develop your leadership team and help you create a high-performance culture.

Our Leadership Workouts include:

Human-centered Managers

This workout applies customer experience (CX) principles to the employee experience (EX). And it trains your managers how to better understand and manage themselves, their team and other stakeholders across the organisation. Managers learn how to increase staff engagement and performance, and enhance how their team is perceived by the wider organisation. Your managers learn what makes staff tick, what ticks them off, and how to get teams working at their best.

marketing teams

In this workout you’ll take a deep dive into our PRIMED high-performance teams model—our uniquely developed high-performance marketing framework derived from the best team performance models in the business. What makes PRIMED unique is that it’s customised specifically for marketing teams. Why? Marketing teams are unique. They’re very different to HR, customer service, finance, or IT teams. Marketing teams are made up of unique combinations of people with different personality traits, preferences and skill sets. This diversity, when harnessed, can transform the average into the extraordinary.

I’m ready to create a
high-performance culture

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