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Generate product, customer, and marketing innovations at speed to help your company grow

Management expert Peter Drucker’s theory explained that if the purpose of organisations is to create customers, then organisations have two key functions: marketing and innovation.

In today’s hypercompetitive market, it’s clear that innovation and constant experimentation are essential for organisations to both survive and thrive into the future.

We’re constantly seeing new business models supersede old ones. And new competitors are entering markets with lower costs and different ways of attracting and serving customers.

For that reason companies must constantly re-evaluate how they go to market, which products they offer and how they compete.

Marketing Method

Marketing teams are perfectly positioned to help drive innovation

Your marketing team is closest to the customer and knows their needs and wants best. Your team also tends to know your product range inside out, and how your products solve customer problems.

So marketing teams, like yours, are perfectly positioned to help organisations develop innovative products and services, as well as pioneer new ways to serve unmet customer needs.

But for most organisations this deep knowledge and massive potential to drive growth through innovation goes untapped.

Innovative Marketing Method gives marketing teams a framework to create innovation

This is why we’ve designed Innovative Marketing Method. This approach is a mash-up of lean start-up, design thinking, growth hacking and design sprints.

Growth Generators’ Innovative Marketing Method gives CMOs and marketing teams a framework to create constant innovation in a step-by-step process. It enables you to use the data at your fingertips, and the diversity of thinking in your teams—the right-brained creatives and left-brained engineers. Then bring all these elements together, using a process to identify and prioritise experiments; and constantly test and evaluate marketing campaigns and approaches, or new products and service ideas.

Here’s what you get with innovation services


Training on our Innovative Marketing Method so that you and your team can learn the art and science of innovative marketing.

A mini-design sprint—where you and your team get to apply the Innovative Marketing Method to a design, customer, or marketing problem.

The opportunity to work through each stage of the model from start to finish with one team or a series of small squads.

The end result for you and your team is a new method to identify, prioritise and unlock growth for your organisation.
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