Stage 2

Marketing Work Design

If you’re a CMO you’re charged with driving growth. It comes with the territory. You know you can’t do this without a modern marketing team and the right marketing work design.

And you also know all teams are not created equal.

Some teams continuously reinvent and reinvest to build the skill sets and capabilities they require to win. These teams embrace a growth mindset.

Other teams get stuck in their ways and hang onto past glories. These teams adopt a fixed mindset and fear change. They tend to believe what brought them success in the past will work for them now and into the future.

The longer teams stay with a fixed mindset, the harder it becomes for them and their CMO to close the gap to the market leaders. Numbers slide as staff engagement and performance tanks. These fixed mindset teams no longer have the people infrastructure required to compete.

Growth mindset teams continue to adapt and evolve

In contrast, the growth mindset teams continue to grow and add new roles. They develop their capabilities and become even more successful.

This is why now, more than ever, you must continuously re-evaluate, remodel, and reskill your team. This ensures you’ll have the right structure, marketing work design and capabilities to outperform your competitors and achieve your strategic objectives.

We offer two main services under Stage 2. Infrastructure. These are outlined below.

Design a modern marketing team structure to drive higher performance.
Define and build the
future fit-marketing skills and capabilities you need for your team.