Striving for a high-performance culture in your organisation? Start by supporting your leaders.

Leaders have a profound impact on the culture and performance of any team. Skilled managers successfully lead their teams towards goals that add value. They balance priorities, manage stakeholder demands and uphold your department’s reputation. Without them things start to unravel. Deadlines get missed, conflicts arise, staff engagement drops and productivity tanks. 

So, it’s vital you support your leaders to perform at their natural best. 

With the right coaching and support, your leaders can go from great to amazing. By learning to navigate complexity, and do more with less, your managers can remain energised and gain the clarity and confidence they need to lead with skill.

Marketing leaders face increasing challenges

Leaders in marketing, digital, design and innovation face increasing pressure to keep up with the rapid change as they help drive transformation across their organisations. If this pressure builds unchecked, it can adversely affect mental health and performance.

Many leaders are not comfortable raising concerns with their peers, or their bosses, who can’t always provide support due their own workloads. A coach can fill this gap in a highly effective way. Leaders can be open with a coach, who is one step removed, and there to help them reflect and grow.

Who’s the Coach?

Ty Hayes is an award-winning marketing leader, and experienced leadership coach. He has led large marketing teams of up to 70 staff, including the #1 Marketing Team in Australia (AMI Awards 2017)—a team he developed and led at Curtin University.
Ty has been ranked the #10 CMO in Australia (CMO50) and is a keynote speaker, podcast host and contributor to marketing publications.

The Approach

Ty’s empathetic and practical approach to coaching brings out the best in the leaders he works with. He is skilled at helping leaders uncover insights that can transform their perspective and their career.
Ty implements the G.R.O.W model (goals; reality; options/obstacles; will/way forward) to help managers become better leaders and achieve greater results.

What’s on the agenda?

Topics Ty can help your leaders with include:

Who’s it for?

Your managers and senior managers you want to support so they can perform at their best and continue to shape the future of your department and organisation.
Ty also offers higher-level coaching for Directors and CMOs. This is focused on helping executive-level leaders set the vision, lead the charge and drive transformation for their organisations.

What’s the Mode?

The coaching is completely virtual/remote. So it doesn’t matter where you are, provided we can find a mutual time to connect.

What’s Included?

· 45-minute video chat with Ty per month (via Zoom)
· Unlimited emails with Ty in between coaching sessions
· Access to resources and tools

What’s the Investment?

$399 AUD

+ GST per month with a 3-month minimum commitment

Enquire about group packages to work with your leadership team.


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