Broken marketing processes equals broken promises

Broken processes = broken promises graphic

Processes. Done wrong, they create a pinball experience that yields disbelief, frustration and anger.  Yes, I’ll hold… Sure, I’ll give you my name and DOB, again. Done well, they’re the red carpet that gets customers exactly where they need to go, the first time. Ahhhh. Internally, processes can create the same friction or magic for […]

Failing to plan means saying ‘yes’ far more often than you should

Gone are the days of the set and forget annual marketing strategy. The world changes too fast. But you still must plan. Set a direction. A north star. An intention.  Make bets. Capture assumptions.  Outline objectives. Key results. And initiatives. Be proactive first. Reactive second. If you don’t. You suffer. The team suffers. You end […]