Marketing Team Structure at Keypath University

[Team Remodelling]

"I think you've got to look at effort through the lens of is it return on effort and are you going to get the reward at the end of this? And I think the short answer is yes, we're nine months in to the transformation and if we think about what we're trying to achieve in terms of being more efficient, effective and engaged, I can absolutely say yes.

We are on the right path, and we've got some awesome case studies of continual improvement and metrics all going the right direction. So I think it's resulted in a more customer centric way of working."
agile marketing
Sheena Sudra

Here you can discover how Keypath Education achieved 

  • A 14% revenue increase in H1 FY24 across the global business compared to H1 FY23 with the marketing team prompting further expansion of the marketing team to meet client demands.
  • Continual improvement of internal metrics and aligned KPI’s
  • Record-breaking team engagement results and positive stakeholder feedback on the new team design and the outcomes it is producing.



Keypath is an edtech organisation that partners with Universities to help them design and deliver career-relevant, tech-enabled education programs mostly in the post-graduate space. Edtech organisations typically provide everything from market research and design development, course learning design, go-to-market launch as well as student recruitment and support. Keypath clients include UNSW Sydney, Deakin University, RMIT.


Snapshot of the issues experienced by Keypath

Keypath’s Initial Public Offering (IPO), expansion into South East Asia, and intensified edtech competition drove the marketing team’s overhaul. Rapid growth rendered their previous marketing team structure obsolete. 

Issues to be addressed in the redesign included: 

  • Fragmented customer insights
  • Operational inefficiency due to rapid organisational growth
  • Role and accountability confusion
  • High volume of BAU work with a lack of prioritisation frameworks 
  • A strong objective to become more student-centric
  • Escalating edtech sector competition.
  • Lack of structure for global expansion. 


The Brief

To optimise and restructure the marketing function at Keypath (APAC team)  to help the organisation to continue to grow and expand into Asia.


Our approach 

Growth Generators takes a design-thinking approach to team remodelling.


Consider and Converge (Team Review Phase)

A consultative approach of thorough analysis 

1. Current state analysis through 

  • Conducted workshops with senior leaders and team members to identify root causes, assumptions, challenges, and opportunities using various analysis tools and frameworks
  • Conducted in-depth 1-1 interviews with marketing team members, leaders, and stakeholders for additional insights.

2.  Agreed upon team redesign principles and a future state vision

  • Team remodelling principles were used to objectively evaluate the alternative team structure options. Three of these principles were :
  • Student first – this ensured that the final team model would focus on student insights – all the way through from marketing strategy to execution and ensuring a feedback loop from execution back into strategy.
  • Outcomes over outputs – it was crucial that the structure enabled the team to prioritise work to balance short with longer-term impacts.
  • Efficiency and scalability – reducing handoffs and duplication of effort and enhancing scalability across all of the teams.

3. Skills matrix – In collaboration with the senior leaders, the team’s collective skill set and capability levels was evaluated and benchmarked against emerging and critical industry skills to identify capability strengths and gaps.


Create and Confirm (Team Remodelling Phase)

Equipped with these contextual insights within the DISCOVER AND DEFINE stage, Growth Generators:

  1. Designed a series of alternative high-level functional structures that would address the challenges, align with the design principles and position Keypath best to achieve their strategic objectives.
  2. The alternative structures were presented in workshops with senior leaders, team members and relevant stakeholders for consultation and feedback.  
  3. Growth Gerators presented and recommended a final team structure to senior leaders  based on all inputs and consultation.


The solution

A fully detailed final recommended marketing structure detailing all positions that is future-fit and strategically designed to enable the team to achieve their objectives, support the organisational strategy and become a high-performing team. 

Following the remodelling process, Keypath marketing went from a structure that was no longer fit for purpose, with only two direct reports/portfolios, into a modern team structure comprised of 6 specialist portfolios.

These specialist teams were based around the key capabilities that Keypath identified during the team remodelling roject as being important for greater efficiency and effectiveness. 

  • A Strategy and Insights team was created to double down on customer insights and go-to-market strategy. This new capability also ensures that insights are scaled across the team rather than remainin isolated in each unit.
  • A new Integrated Marketing team was created that enabled an uplift of the digital team.
  • The existing CX team was enhanced to allow for focus on the whole of the student journey (not just one stage).
  • A new on-the-ground Asian marketing team was created to drive the expansion into Southeast Asia


Hear more about this exciting marketing team transformation by listening to the following Podcast episode: Podcast: 58. Marketing Team Re-design and Agile Marketing Implementation.

The Results (Approx.18 months after the marketing team restructure)

There has been a continual improvement of metrics and the objective of creating a more efficient, engaged and effective team have been met.
Record-breaking team engagement results and positive team and stakeholder feedback on the new team design and the outcomes it is producing.
Strategic bandwidth has now been enabled across the team.
Improved accountability and empowerment across teams – KPIs are understood and non-value add work has been reduced.
Diversity of thought and perspectives within the leadership team as leadership has expanded from more than just two individuals as per the previous model.
The new structure allows greater visibility of team member’s skills and capabilities, enabling more individual career pathways conversations.
The new structure has resulted in a more customer-centric way of working. Consideration of personas and gaps in the customer journey creates those aha moments and facilitates the right conversations across the entire team.
The new structure coupled with the implementation of Agile Marketing has created innovation like never before within Keypath Marketing.
New marketing channels have been unlocked and there has been ongoing and speedy creative ideation and testing.
Keypath was named one of the best places to work in Australia for the third consecutive year in 2023 by WRK+, an Australian-based global workplace research and consulting firm, in the more than 100 employees category.
Keypath Education revenues have increased by 14% in H1 FY24 across the global business compared to H1 FY23, and the marketing team is expanding again to service a growing portfolio of clients and programs.

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