Agile Marketing Implementation at Keypath Education

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Now that we've embedded the new model and agile planning, there's a test and learn culture. We have successfully rolled out our first fully integrated brand campaign. We've unlocked new marketing channels that we've never had before….and developed new ways to ideate around creative. All of that innovation is coming from the new [team design] and agile…..and we are getting speed from agile.
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Sheena Sudra, Executive Director - Marketing and Customer Experience, APAC

Discover how Keypath Education achieved record-breaking staff engagement, speed to market and innovation by implementing Agile Marketing.


Keypath is an edtech organisation that partners with Universities to help them design and deliver career-relevant, tech-enabled education programs. Edtech organisations such as Keypath typically provide everything from market research and design development, course learning design, go-to-market launch as well as student recruitment and support. Keypath clients include UNSW Sydney, Deakin University, RMIT.
Ty from Growth Generators worked with Keypath in 2022 to redesign their new marketing structure working alongside the Executive Director of Marketing and CX, and the marketing team.
Keypath’s rapid expansion into Southeast East Asia, increased competition in the edtech sector as well as the desire to optimise their new marketing structure was a key driver for implementing Agile Marketing within the team.

Snapshot of the issues

The marketing team faced several challenges before restructuring the team and optimising their ways of working.

You can read about these challenges in the marketing team restructure case study.

Executive Director of Marketing and CX, Sheena Sudra, was interested in helping the marketing team achieve the following outcomes by implementing Agile Marketing. These are the 5 Agile Marketing Values from the Agile Marketing Manifesto.

  1. Focus on delivering customer value and business outcomes over activity and outputs
  2. Deliver value early and often over waiting for perfection
  3. Learn through experiments and data over opinion and convention
  4. Achieve cross-functional collaboration over silos and hierarchy
  5. Respond to change over following a static plan


Our approach

Growth Generators take a holistic approach when enabling a marketing team to implement Agile Marketing successfully. Our experience has taught us that half-measures produce half-results. It therefore takes a concerted effort across the following 3 dimensions to achieve Agile Marketing success.


Two-day Agile Marketing Training for the entire team. This was delivered in person in Melbourne by Ty Hayes. Note it can also be delivered remotely over several 2-hour sessions for distributed teams. This training covers everything including the why, what and how of Agile Marketing and includes practical activities customised to the organisation’s specific personas and products/services.

A 4-hr Agile Leadership training for the leaders within the marketing team. This training supports the leaders to create an Agile culture, and to learn what it takes to become an Agile Leader.


Growth Generators provided Keypath with guidance on how to scale Agile Marketing across the team at the right pace. This included developing a Roadmap for the successful implementation of Agile Marketing within the team at Keypath outlining how and when to transition from pilot squads to full-scale implementation and the steps along the journey.

Growth Generators completed an Agile Marketing team diagnostic survey at the start of the implementation, to be reviewed after 6-12 months to measure progress. We also advised the team on different ways to organise their cross-functional Squads and which roles they would need on each Squad such as a Marketing Owner and Agile Lead.

Agile Coaching 

Ty recommended the configuration of two pilot groups that road-tested Agile Marketing within Keypath. 

The pilot squads and their associated coaching by Ty allowed Agile Marketing to be contextualised to the specific needs and challenges of Keypath. The observations and feedback from the pilot’s groups were used to recommend improvements and modifications the Keypath marketing team could do to enhance the success of its implementation within the wider team.

Ty also provided 1:1 coaching to the Agile Leads and Marketing Owners to discuss any challenges they were having implementing Agile Marketing.

The Results

The re-designed marketing structure introduced in 2022 included 6 specialist portfolios and involved teams working in cross-functional squads aligned to a portfolio of University partners. 

Each squad focuses on optimising the customer journey for their specific personas to increase student recruitment outcomes for their University programs. There was a seismic shift from a traditional and hierarchical structure to a modern structure revolving around the customer journey, unrestrained by normal line management. 

This required the team and its leaders to shift to adopting agile marketing mindsets and practices to optimise the new structure.

Some of the results of the Agile Marketing implementation includes:

The Agile Pilot squad quickly connected and began delivering content to customers – they produced 31 pieces of work, including 15 new test-and-learn initiatives directly implemented for customers
Based on the agile pilot’s efforts there was a significant drop in CPL (cost per lead) and a 7% increase in applications to start
Cost per lead halved on Facebook due to testing the messaging and creative
The velocity of all the squads since the pilot stage has improved significantly over time
Employee engagement results have increased significantly since the team restructure and agile marketing implementation due to increased employee empowerment
Non-essential work has been stripped back consequently creating more bandwidth to double down on strategically aligned projects and activities.
The marketing team has become a strong champion for the customer which has been a catalyst for innovative and cross-collaborative conversations and implementations.
Keypath used Agile Marketing methodology to roll out their first fully integrated brand campaign in record time as well as unlocked new marketing channels, digital formats (ie podcasts).
See also the results achieved as part of the marketing team restructure

The biggest change has actually been in our agile ways of working, which has unlocked a lot of the goodness that we’ve seen in the team.”
Sheena Sudra, Executive Director – Marketing and Customer Experience, APAC 


….we did get a significant drop in CPL, a 7% increase in [program] applications……and 31 different pieces of creative, actions or tasks done and half of these were new test and learns which as great…they were able to get that straight into the customers hands and learn from that

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