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CMO Leadership

63. Introducing CMO Leadership | How top CMO’s build high-performing teams

In this very short episode we say goodbye to the Lean Mean Marketing Teams and Ty introduces us to the CMO Leadership Podcast!

Ty explains the new podcast title and format. In the new show you can expect to hear more solo episodes from Ty sharing his marketing and leadership tools and insights as we’ll hear from CMO’s and leadership experts you have come to expect from Ty’s practical and informative conversations.

The CMO Leadership Podcast endeavours to provide even more value to current or aspiring marketing leaders looking to optimise their team’s performance

Tune in to

  • Unlock secrets from top CMOs on how they’ve crafted dynamic marketing team structures and built modern capabilities
  • Discover agile marketing practices that dismantle team silos and boost efficiency
  • Learn the leadership principles and strategies to drive change and create a high-performance team culture
  • Explore the mistakes to avoid and tips to become a revered CMO
  • Gain insights from interviews with leadership experts and authors, and marketing leaders from across industries.

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About the Show

In today’s fast paced world, your team is your ultimate competitive advantage. Join Ty each week to discover the dynamic team structures, agile practices, leadership and culture behind some of the world’s most successful brands and the teams driving their marketing. If you’re a marketer looking to enhance your leadership and boost your team’s capability, then this is your must-listen podcast.

Your Host – Ty Hayes

Ty is an award-winning former CMO turned business founder, who built and led the #1 marketing team in Australia (AMI Awards) and was ranked the #10 CMO in Australia (CMO50) whilst CMO for a global university. Ty now hosts this podcast and runs Growth Generators with the mission to help CMOs build modern marketing teams that drive growth.