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Image of Adam Fraser and episode title: 48. What every marketing leader should know about finance

48. What every marketing leader should know about finance

With Adam Fraser, Chief Financial Officer at Omniscient Neurotechnology.

Get inside the mind of a CFO so you can build trust and strengthen ties between marketing and finance.

Learn about the main KPIs of a CFO and what keeps them up at night.

Then dive deep into the key financial metrics you need to know about like EBITDA, WACC, RRR and hurdle rates. 

Learn to speak the language of finance to make robust business cases and budgets, and get more funding approved.

By building empathy with the CFO and upping your financial acumen, you’ll become a smarter marketer and a more influential leader.

About our guest
Adam Fraser is CFO of MedTech Startup Omniscient Neurotechnology (08t), which was the 2022 winner of SXSW innovator award for AI and machine learning.

At the intersection of neuroscience and data science, 08t is creating more detailed maps of the brain’s neural highways.

With over 25 years of broad-based finance, corporate finance, private equity, technology and martech experience, Adam brings a wealth of experience to his current CFO role.

Adam explains how marketing and finance can (and should) work in concert with each other to help realise the business and strategic objectives of the company.

Fun fact, Adam was the host of the successful marketing podcast ‘Let’s Talk Marketing.’

P.S. You’ll want to grab the detailed notes that accompany this episode packed with all the financial term definitions. To access these, head to our website lookout for this episode and download the notes.


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