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46. Implementing Salesforce to improve the customer experience

Kelley Johnson, Lead, Student Experience Platforms (Salesforce) at UTS explains the ins and outs of implementing Salesforce.

If you’re interested in procuring Salesforce or a competitor product to help optimise your CX – then this episode will teach you how to go about it.

“It’s not just the product you’re buying. It’s all the governing around that – security policies, data policies, privacy policies … You do not want to have any breaches.”

Growth Generator is not an affiliate for Salesforce and featuring this product is not intended as an endorsement.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Kelley’s pivotal career moments, including three leaders that had a profound influence on Kelley’s career
  • Why UTS chose to deploy Salesforce and how it aligned with their digital experience strategy
  • Insights into the procurement process itself including what set Salesforce apart
  • The importance of having the right people at the procurement table – and giving them enough time to absorb, review and contribute to the process
  • The importance of building requirements with the end-users of the software
  • How the response from vendors can tell you a lot about how much effort they’re willing to put into your account
  • Which Salesforce modules UTS chose to purchase and why
  • Which internal audiences are using Salesforce 
  • Why marketers today, need to have an IT sense and sensibility
  • The four must-have roles you need on your team to get out of the blocks with Salesforce
  • The biggest challenges and the wins so far


Kelley is an accomplished leader with more than 25+ years’ experience in digital technology. Her expertise extends to strategy, operations, digital transformation, stakeholder/partner engagement and design.

This is an insightful conversation about implementing one of the most prolific sales automation stacks out there. 


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